Monday, July 21, 2014

Lupa Definisi Kata Bahagia.

Apa kalian pernah merasa tidak bahagia ?

Saya pernah. Saat ini.

Jika hidup terdiri dari mozaik-mozaik warna-warni, saat ini mungkin saya sedang mendapatkan mozaik berwarna biru gelap. Kecewa, marah, lelah. Perasaan-perasaan itu membawa saya pada kepenatan yang luar biasa, hingga mendamparkan saay pada satu titik bernama kejenuhan. 

ENTAH dari bagian mana harus saya mulai cerita tentang ini, satu hal paling pasti yang terjadi saat ini adalah, saya kecewa dengan semua orang.

Saya kerap merasa berada pada dimensi yang berbeda. All the things are going dark, darker.

 If there's a day when I hate everyone. That day must be today.

220714 - 00.50

Tadi ceritanya nongkrong berdua sama ibu boss, niatnya cuma nyari kopi, but then the light conversation goes.. 

there's a very unique way we talk to each other. We're like a bestfriend who don't care about the judgement. We told our own story. She told me many things about her fights, how she made money, and what it means to truly life.

The more I listen to her awesome life-story, the more I can't deny to thankful to Allah and can't stop 'ckckck' or 'Oh God, she's so cool! ' or 'aaak.. Love her so much'!.

You know, it's not the first time we make this kind of conversation, it's been a hundred times. We did it everywhere, in the office, in the car, when we're 'kerokan' (actually I don't know what does it mean in English :p), when we saw the sunset in Senggigi, in the hotel/apartment room when we works in another city, when we're in the kitchen, coffee shop, angkringan, swimming pool, in the middle of Jakarta traffic, when we have to work up all night, even when we're in the different place.

Don't we ever get annoyed to each other? . Of course we did, me, a random person who often do and think many random things, meet a woman as my boss, who is a very well-organized person. It isn't easy sometimes, but then our lil' similarities in many differencies bring us to a beautiful harmony. And our latest conversation was felt very deep, touched, and very.. very interesting.

Sampe ga berasa ternyata udah jam 11 pm, Lawsonnya hampir tutup. And then we went home. And we continued 'our talk' until 11.59 pm.

Oh, how time flies away so fast when you're together with the person you're madly inspired with  :)

Until this note's written, I still can't figure out how life's brought me and then found her, or she found me. Or no one and nothing found each other. As if Allah's invisible hand did it. And the fact is, He really did. 

How lucky I am. Yes, I am :)