Friday, August 7, 2015

23 Thoughts from 23 years old girl

1. I'm so blessed having them as 'kesayangans'
2. Life is about give and give, not take and give.
3. Tidak perlu mati-matian mengejar sesuatu yang tidak dibawa mati.
4. Selalu bersyukur
5. Hiduplah secara jujur.
6. Jika belum bisa membantu orang lain, jagnan menyusahkan.
7. Always be kind, be humble.
8. Talk less, listen more.
9. Keep calm, Panic always cause NEGATIVE RESULT.
10. Bagikanlah ilmu yang bermanfaat.
11. Realisasikan Ide, action !
12. Expect less from people, it will help you a lot.
13. Nothing to lose.
14. Why do people lie ?, maybe they just don't understand.
15. Stop comparing your life to others.
16. If you hate cheaters, don't be one of them.
17. Hate less, love more.
18. Laughter is the best medicine
19. Be the best version of yourself
20. God always with you, so never leave Him.
21. What you have to do to others ?
22. Hidup untuk saat ini. Kini.
23. Whatever, jangan lupa bahagia ! :)

mess :(

Kayaknya banyak yang harus diberesin dengan hidup gue. Banyak.

People from the past

Sometimes in life, we miss some people from our past.

But you know what ?

Missing somebody doesn't mean you need them back into your life, even if you want to.