Monday, December 28, 2015

Accept it and move on.

Well Thanks God for giving me the holi-9-days on this year end. The best part of it is that I can figure many things out : giving a space for myself, the loved ones, family, friends, work, another dreams that I left behind, some journeys, everything, CLEARLY. The whole days I've been thinking. That I have to learn to forgive, sometimes it's not because they deserves to, but deep inside us, our soul need a peace. 

As an anonymous said : to be old and wise we must be young and stupid. Well, I'm young, and I'm stupid. And I'm awesome, too (:p)

Nobody's perfect, buddy. Each of us did many stupid things in life and we couldn't avoid it even we wants to. Just when you realize that there's many problems in your life, you got many homework to do. Accept it and move on ! :)