Wednesday, May 24, 2017

There's Somebody Else

How many beautiful songs written over the hearbreaks? how many great movies made based-on hearbreaking true stories? how many people being stronger and famous after million heartbreaks?. Well I have no great stories to be adapted to a movie, or even a book. It’s just you who makes me can write again. It’s you who can make me keep checking my phone on my busiest schedule. It’s you who keeping me up all night and still have much energy to talk and laugh and spend the rest of my day smiling.

It's funny how I automatically smile when I talk to you. How I procrastinate many things only to have time to keep texting you. How I feel so much endorphin in my blood. And how I can feel love once more.

People said by trusting, we open our hearts once more to the possibility of being hurt. And shit happens when I give all my trust to you. It’s not only me. There’s somebody else. You come into my life and brighten my days. You're filling up the empty room, and even fill the room that I realize were never there before. Then for some reason it's all fading away. And I have to face the truth that those beautiful days are gone.  I never thought I would fall for for you before and now I regret it. I supposed to be a mean person you’ve known before. And I supposed to not open that door. Ever.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

25 Things that make me happy

As I grow older, I realize that we obiously can have everything, but not all at once. We always chase the bigger thing and  often forget the tiny one. Once I focus and be grateful for these simple things, I found life seems easier and of course, I feel happier.

And these are the things that make me happy :

1. The scent of new books
2. Clean laundry
3. The scent of fresh money from the ATM
4. The earthy smell after rain
5. Found another version a good song is better than the original
6. Free internet
7. Book’s bazaar
8. A sudden hug
9. Somebody stroke my hair
10. Hot chocolate with less sugar
11. Charged 100 % iPod
12. Ketoprak
13. Waking up with no alarm
14. Knowing all the words of a song on the radio
15. A good hair day
16. Watching my favorite movie with my favorite person
17. Perfect white shoes
18. Hot tea
19. Making art-craft
20. A breath-taking view from the top of a mountain
21. Itinerary of a new trip
22. Finding money in my  pocket that I forget about
23. Popping bubble wrap
24. Deep conversation
25. Being so far in the forest you can’t get any network coverage and totally disconnected from social media

These are the things that make me happy, and what’s yours ?